Friday, June 15, 2012

Drought-hardy plants

OK, it's not this dry. But it's really dry!
Unless you've found a rare northern Illinois cave structure to live in, you've probably noticed the weather in this area has been dry lately. And when we say "dry," we mean historically dry.

Indeed, as local meteorologist Tom Skilling notes, we've seen much, much wetter Junes in Chicagoland. Skilling reports that this June could be a record-breaker in terms of consecutive 90-degree days, but what's worse for the region's plant material is that it's been hot without rain.

It's been at least a dozen days since the last heavy rainfall, and with no moisture and sweltering conditions in the forecast for the next five days, proper watering habits may mean the difference between life and death for many of your plants.

For instructions on how to water properly, please view our watering guides (one for annuals and perennials and one for trees and shrubs). Before watering mulched areas, be sure to move the mulch aside with a rake so the water can soak directly into the ground. Once replaced, the mulch will keep the soil wet.

There are many varieties of plants, however, that are designed to beat the heat. Below you'll find a list of the most drought-tolerant plants we carry at Whispering Hills.
Drought-tolerant* Varieties

Grasses Limelight Hydrangea Evergreens
Tickseed Tickle-Me-Pink Hydrangea Crabapple
Baptisia Rose Sugar Maple
Cotton Candy
Viburnum Hawthorn
Nepeta Barberry Serviceberry
Salvia Weigela
*Tolerance depends on establishment of plant. Well-established plants will have optimum tolerance.